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FAQ Question


Who can benefit from Brainjogging?

Based on experience gained over 30 years, Brainjogging was designed for children with learning differences. These signs often manifest in various academic, social, and behavioral skill weaknesses. Brainjogging helps to train and condition certain skills making it applicable to a wide array of children who are struggling in these areas.

How does Brainjogging work?

Brainjogging helps to train and condition skills related to Classroom Performance, Reading, Focus and Concentration, Memorization, Information Processing, Learning, and Speech and Pronunciation.  Children enjoy the exercises that are easy to complete, and only take 5 to 7 minutes twice a day.

What is in the Brainjogging Welcome Kit?

  • White Paper with Brainjogging Research
  • A patented Whisperphone®
  • Brain Health Tips
  • A Quick-tips reference Guide for Brainjogging

Do I have to wait until the Welcome Kit arrives to start the program?

While not absolutely necessary to wait, the program may not be as effective without the Whisperphone that is included in the Welcome Kit. Wearing the Whisperphone aids to reinforce the information and is a vital piece of the program. It is important for the child to begin wearing the Whisperphone and continue to wear it through every Brainjogging session.

Can Brainjogging be used in Schools, Pediatricians, Learning Centers, and Organizations?

Absolutely! Brainjogging is a web-based program that can be accessed from any computer that connects to the internet. This allows parents, teachers, tutors, or administrators to track a child’s progress whether they are at their facility or home.
For example, a child may do a Brainjogging session in the classroom at school to prepare the mind for the lessons that day and then go home and complete the second session before doing homework in the afternoon.

One of the best attributes about Brainjogging is that it can be flexible to the needs of the child and the organization using the program because it is web-based. This allows teachers to use it in a lab for an entire classroom or tutors to use it for individual students before they begin a tutoring session. Click here to learn more.

Does each child need a separate account?

Each child needs a separate account to log into the program. Why? Brainjogging is customized to each student’s learning disability based on our signature Brainjogging assessment and progress through the program. The program intuitively reacts to each child’s needs and tracks their individual data to alert parents or educators of progress. This progress is what helps educators and parents learn how to better assist each student in improving their progress with the program.


Is there different pricing for individual users vs. schools or organizations?

We work with schools and organizations on a different pricing model based upon the number of students and length of time they would like to use the program.
Request a School or Organization pricing guide HERE or contact us at for details.

Is there a contract?

No. When you sign-up for Brainjogging we set up your account to have a convenient reoccurring monthly payment for as long as you would like your child to continue the program. The program fee only covers a monthly subscription. You may cancel your payment at any time, however if you are in the middle of the month we will not refund your monthly fee, we will simply stop payment for the following month.

Is it covered by insurance?

Not at this time.

How do I get started?

Just click here to sign-up for an individual account, or click here to contact us for information about your school, organization, or learning center partnering with Brainjogging.

What is the Brainjogging Schedule?

We recommend that children complete two Brainjogging sessions a day. We have found that encouraging Brainjogging to become a part of the child’s routine, just like brushing their teeth, is the most effective way to help the child to remember to complete the program each day.

The most effective times to Brainjog are in the morning before school and in the afternoon before homework. These are the recommended times, but your child can be encouraged to Brainjog as many times a day as they like! There are no limits to how many sessions they can do each day. Because family lives can be busy these days, we understand that what schedule may work for one family may not work for another. The morning and afternoon ritual is only a suggestion that is based upon years of feedback from parents and educators of what has worked best for them. Parents and educators can feel free to do the program twice a day, in whatever way fits their schedule.
Click here to listen to stories from parents about how Brainjogging has helped their child

Whisperphone Questions

What is the Whisperphone?

It is a patented acoustical feedback headset that is worn by the user for all Brainjogging sessions.

Why wear it?

The Whisperphone provides auditory reinforcement. Research supports the concept of engaging all the senses to train one’s ability to retain new information.

What does it feel like and is it connected to the Computer?

  • The Whisperphone feels like wearing a headset.
  • It is not connected to the computer
  • When the student begins to talk into the Whisperphone they receive auditory feedback, which helps the student to self correct speaking errors and also reinforces the information for better memory.