Parenting children through the school-age years can be challenging no matter what type of child you have. It is even more challenging if your child is struggling academically or socially. WE GET IT. Brainjogging was developed by mother and educator, Shirley Pennebaker, to combat the academic difficulties she saw her own children and her students facing. Shirley quickly realized that every student, with or without a learning disability, requires more than just a standard school day. They need a boost in brainpower and Brainjogging can give your child this extra boost through a simple, and quick daily program that creates visible academic and behavioral changes in your child.

Whether your child has been formerly diagnosed with a learning disability, or he or she is struggling at school or home for reasons unknown to you, the patented Brainjogging program can help to solve these frustrations! After using the web-based program for 5-7 minutes, twice a day, parents will begin to see dramatic improvements in focus, attention, memory retention, and even a reduction in behavior issues. Children who struggle with attention issues begin to have better focus after using Brainjogging. Children with difficulties staying on task are able to reduce the time it takes to complete homework and classwork after using Brainjogging. Children who have difficulty retaining information at school see vast improvements in memory retention after using Brainjogging.
At Brainjogging, visual improvement in every child’s ability is our goal for all children. By integrating the latest in neuro-scientific research and unique patented computer technology that is specially tailored to each child, Brainjogging challenges children to re-train their brains to become active, lifelong learners. With visible results in less than six weeks, let Brainjogging solve your frustrations and bring serenity back to your family’s life with a simple, effective, and research-backed program.