Sadie Blount

Instructor at Academics Plus

What We Hear From Teachers

  • Despite wishing things were different, teachers cannot re-teach every concept to every child who is struggling.
  • A great deal of material must be covered to prepare students for standardized tests, but those with learning differences need additional support outside the classroom to keep up with the curriculum.
  • Teachers are tired of dealing with disruptive behavior and having to remove the child from the classroom.

Brainjogging Can Ease the Pain

  • What if a program existed that trained and conditioned information retention and memory skills in just 5 to 7 minutes a day in the classroom?
  • Would you consider a program that promoted literacy and learning skills?
  • Would you enjoy a calmer learning environment for your students?

Brainjogging in Action

“My principal asked if I would use Brainjogging in my classroom. I was skeptical at first, but I watched as my students made progress every day in training their reading skills. As they became more confident about their schoolwork, I was on board!”

- Alicia Cooper, ESOL Language Arts