Sadie Blount

Instructor at Academics Plus

What We Hear from School Administrators

  • Constant pressure from policymakers, parents, and stakeholders to see measurable student success is overwhelming.
  • A highly diversified student population increases the difficulty for teachers in keeping up with disparities in reading and math skills.
  • Larger and larger classroom sizes leave even the most inspired teachers frustrated and ready to leave the job.

Brainjogging Can Help

  • While it is understood that student success is based on a number of factors, what if we could help train and condition the focus and attention skills of certain students who struggle?
  • What if we could reduce the number of students in higher level RTI groups to allow for teachers to focus on building self confidence and instruction instead of tracking endless hours of data?
  • What if we could improve a struggling students reading level by 2 grade levels in a matter of weeks versus years?