Summary Compilation of Testimonials

What We Hear From Pediatricians

  • Parents today are looking for a comprehensive approach to treating their child’s learning disability.
  • Many pediatricians want to make their office a welcoming place where children learn, grow, and thrive through their practice, but feel like they aren’t giving their patients everything they need if they do not offer them a prescription.
  • Pediatric practices are moving toward integrative and holistic approaches to help parents find solutions to make their children as healthy as possible.
  • As a busy professional, there isn’t a lot of time to research and implement educational programs in one’s practice while keeping up with the patient load.

Brainjogging Can Ease the Pain

  • What if you could recommend a program to your patients struggling with a learning disability that offered him or her an alternative to medication by providing them with cognitive processing enhancing techniques through a web-based program?
  • What if you could feel secure with your decision to provide clients with a program that is based on 30 years of education and neurological research, with proven, empirically based researched results?See our Research Here
  • What if you could provide a cognitive enhancement option that brought your patients the results they are searching for in just 5-7 minutes twice a day, while also earning a commission?
    See How Brainjogging Works Here

Brainjogging in Action

“It’s a lot of fun. You get to see words that you’ve never seen before and you get to spell them and pronounce them. Before when I really struggled, I couldn’t write a story and couldn’t read a story. I would get frustrated and cry. When I started Brainjogging, I started doing a lot better. I got higher and higher grades and keep doing better and better. Last year, when I was in 3rd grade, I got A/B honor roll three times!”

- Anne, 10 year old