ourstory-300x225Created by Shirley M. Pennebaker, M.Ed., Brainjogging is the result of thirty years of experience and the desire to help students learn. Upon the recommendation of her undergraduate professors that believed Shirley had an innate ability to reach children with learning differences, she began to tutor these students while earning her degree. She  began to teach while earning her Master’s Degree in 1978.  During this time, she noticed that students could be taught over and over but something was holding some of them back from actually LEARNING. She was determined that there had to be a better way and began her quest for better teaching solutions that would lead to higher overall success rates for her students. Influenced by Emory University’s Yerke’s Primate Center’s research, which utilized the application of computer technology to facilitate language in primates, Shirley felt their may be a correlation to train and condition skills of children with learning differences. This was the beginning of the Brainjogging methodology being developed.


In June 1987, with only six students, Shirley held her first “Camp Academia” in the basement of her home for implementing and testing her philosophy of, “Toning for Learning” using the Brainjogging approach.

When her own 5 year old daughter struggled with learning differences and was able to use the program to train and condition cognitive skills, Shirley was encouraged.  In 1993, Shirley translated her Brainjogging program into a computer program which made administration and use even easier.  It became a very convenient tool for helping students train and condition their information processing skills.  This next stage of development led Shirley to start a new business that would spread her approach.  What started as a basic program has evolved from a floppy disc to a web-based application now accessible by students all over the world.