Current Nonprofit Organizations with whom Brainjogging Partners

Summary Compilation of Testimonials

What We Hear from Organizations:

  • We are looking for ways to measure academic gains of our youth for grant purposes.
  • Our organization needs a solution that gets to the bottom of the behavioral and academic issues our students are experiencing, those that are preventing them from being successful.
  • We have funding for educational programs, but they have to be innovative and bring results to our youth.
  • In order to see our students thrive, we need a program that can provide them with something that they don’t receive inside the  school day and is unique  to our program.

How Brainjogging Can Ease the Pain:


  • Our program is an affordable option for organizations to implement to large or small groups of children. The program is completely customizable so no matter the age or ability level, Brainjogging will work with your students to make sure they are seeing measurable results.
  • Our staff can help with any resources an organization might need to secure grant funding for our patented program and will partner with you to help identify these opportunities.
  • Since Brainjogging only takes 5-7 minutes per session, it is very easy to implement into your students’ schedules without disrupting your current program.
  • Most importantly, Brainjogging brings about clear behavioral, social, and academic changes that you will be able to see in quantifiable results.

Brainjogging in Action:

Cameron is the program coordinator at a Boys and Girls Club program where she helped implement Brainjogging as part of their after-school enrichment program. At first she started with about ten students to get them Brainjogging. Before she knew it, the other youth were raving about the program so much that almost every student in the program wanted to take part. One third grader who really struggled with emotional outbursts in school had no behavior incidences in the classroom just two weeks after starting Brainjogging. The child was so frustrated with the learning process all she knew how to do was act out aggressively. The results Cameron experienced with her students were amazing as almost every student who was on Brainjogging improved their reading level by two grade levels, or better, in less than 12 weeks!