12 weeks

What we hear from therapists:

  • My clients are struggling with cognitive functions in spite of improvement in other areas.
  • Insurance reimbursement is limited so sessions cannot be re-taught numerous times. I need something effective that does not take too much session time.
  • Often clients and family members want to help at home, but I do not have a simple program that I can offer to improve cognitive functioning.

Summary Compilation of Testimonials

Brainjogging Can Ease the Pain

  • What if you could implement a program that only took 5-7 minutes before your session began and helped your patients retain more of what they learned each visit?
  • What if your patients could simultaneously learn new concepts while also strengthening their processing speed?
  • What if your patients were able to use this program at home or at a facility and you were able to track their progress to develop better individualized interventions?

Brainjogging in Action

“We had a mother call us who had been referred to us from a psychologist about her four year old little girl. She had gone in to have some testing done and they were at a breaking point. They didn’t really know about cognitive testing, but from the results they knew that something was very wrong with their daughter. She had a lot of attention and anxiety issues as well as fine and gross motor occupational issues. She had been seeing an occupational therapist and only having mild success. She was referred to us. As a parent you just want your child to be successful in whatever they do. At this point the mom just wanted her child to be able to make it into kindergarten successfully. The Brainjogging program was provided for three months and the difference was phenomenal. The child was now reading multi-syllabic words. This little girl used to come into our waiting room and hide under a table because she was so anxious. Less than a month later she was now walking in the door, sitting down, and doing her Brainjogging without even being asked!”
-Sadie Blount, Instructor at Academics Plus, Atlanta