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Our goal at Brainjogging is to give your learning center the tools to take your program to the next level with a solution that will enhance student results, differentiate you from competitors, and expand bottom-line profits with residual revenue.

Brainjogging does what no other academic or skill based program has been able to accomplish. And it only takes 5-7 minutes, twice a day, for your clients to see incredible results. Brainjogging cognitively prepares the pupil to learn while SIMULTANEOUSLY teaching the content material.

The program prepares the mind to learn, which can both enhance your current curriculum and serve as a key feature in turning your center into a brain-based learning center. Given it is web-based and fully trackable when used at home, Brainjogging gives you a way to stay connected with your students and monitor progress during holidays, breaks, and other times when they are away from your facility.

How does Brainjogging work?

K-12Brainjogging is a team approach consisting of three members:

  1. The Student
  2. The Parents
  3. The Teacher or Tutor

Compelling industry trends from Sharp Brains Market Research make Brainjogging a smart move for your business:

Trend #1: A Rapidly Growing Industry

  1. More than one million adults in North America alone will take a self-administered annual brain health check-up via their iPad or Android tablet.
  2. More than one million amateur athletes will better manage possible concussions by taking cognitive baseline tests via a mobile device.
  3. More than 150,000 teenage and adult AAA members will access web-based brain training to become safer drivers.
  4. Biometrics-aided meditation will become the next big thing in corporate and consumer wellness.
  5. At least one major insurer will launch an educational campaign to help adults proactively take charge of their own “brain fitness” navigating emerging research and digital brain health tools.
      Each of these statistics above shows how vital it is to incorporate cognitive control techniques into your center’s curriculum. The educational services industry is growing more rapidly than ever before as the demand continues to increase for specialized education services even though there are more than 60,000 learning center facilities nationwide. In a field of such high demand, both large franchise and independent facilities are becoming involved. It is estimated that there will be a 13% increase in the Secondary Education Services market within the next three years, making it crucial for learning centers to differentiate their services to capture these new clients.

Trend # 2: Brain-Based Learning is at the Forefront

There has been a substantial rise in the “brain training” or cognitive control component offered by facilities given the increased visibility, empirical results, and continued research in this field. Why? Studies have shown that weak cognitive abilities are responsible for over 80% of people who have difficulty reading! Rapid growth franchise organizations are tapping into these brain-based techniques and eating up learning center market shares. Lumosity is a perfect example of a brain-based program that is thriving and even serviced over 50 million users worldwide in its first year.

Trend # 3: The Results are Proven

stopwatchThere is a simple reason why such a growth in brain-based training techniques has occurred…because they work. Numerous studies continue to validate the neuroplasticity of the brain, or the ability of the brain to change, which is why these programs are having such an incredible effect. Neuro-based programs are one of the best methods in treating students with learning disabilities. The incidences of ADHD alone have increased by over 2 million, or 42%, from 2004 to 2012. Brainjogging can play a critical role in helping learning centers achieve success with students experiencing these disabilities.

Impact on Your Bottom Line

The Brainjogging program also delivers financial results to your business with an attractive payout plan. Parents see the difference it makes for their child and want to keep them fully engaged for the long-term. To date, there is an extremely high retention rate for students actively using Brainjogging. We handle all of the backend billing, customer service, and support, with a commission check delivered to you every month. Your students experience the results and you receive a consistent stream of recurring revenue even when they are not in your facility! Brainjogging has proven to specifically assist with:

    • Improving fine motor skills
    • Enhancing visual and auditory processing
    • Increasing information processing speed and comprehension
    • Dramatically decreasing the amount of tutoring/studying/ homework time
    • Increasing long term memory retention ability, retrieval fluency, visual sequential memory, improving attention span, focus, and handwriting


How is Brainjogging a fit for my facility?

WE GET IT. We know that adding something new to your current curriculum isn’t always easy, but with Brainjogging we’ve designed it specifically for easy integration. While there are numerous benefits, Brainjogging‘s core function is to help prepare a student’s mind to learn. It trains the brain how to process information in a more efficient manner. Therefore, Brainjogging is outstanding as a way to begin your teaching sessions to ensure the mind is calm and ready to receive new information. In an expanded approach, it can be used to establish your facility as a brain-based center dedicated to the most innovative cognitive control methods available. Each Brainjogging database is individually designed, so that after a student is evaluated, a data-base is then created based upon the specific needs of the student. Brainjogging provides endless possibilities for the growth of every student!

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Sadie Blount, Academics Plus Learning Center Instructor

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