We Understand Your Challenges

  • Brainjogging was designed to help train and condition areas of weaknesses for children with learning differences based on 30 years of experience and two patents
  • These children may have weaknesses with information processing speed, working memory, and information retrieval.
  • Information processing may be “out of sync” which can be a key challenge for these students. Traditional school settings and exercises many parents, teachers, and tutors have tried are not helping support their needs.

How can Brainjogging Help?


The Brainjogging Welcome Kit Includes;

  • Guide to Getting Started with Brainjogging
  • Patented Whisperphone
  • Brainjogging Research Paper
  • Brain Health Tips White Paper


  • Brainjogging offers a method that specifically  helps train the coordination of processing information through multiple senses. This helps train the student’s speed of processing information to be learned and memory for recalling the learned information.
  • The program promotes attention span skills in students as they interact with a series of exercises. Children enjoy the exercises, they are easy to complete, and only take 5 to 7 minutes twice a day.
  • Over time, Brainjogging helps train and condition the integration of information through the senses. As the student’s responsiveness grows, the Brainjogging program will respond to “raise the bar,” helping support even further advancement.
  • The Whisperphone is an integral part of the Brainjogging program. It is a patented acoustical feedback headset that is worn by the user during all Brainjogging sessions for auditory reinforcement to help support information retention.

How Do I Get Started

  • If you are a parent purchasing for your child, click here to complete our online registration form to get started. You will receive our welcome kit in the mail and a login by email
  • If you are a learning center, school, tutor, pediatrician or other organization seeking to purchase Brainjogging in larger volume Click Here to learn more