What We Hear From Homeschooling Parents

  • We are searching for a program we can use in our own home to help support the curriculum we choose for our child.
  • I have tried numerous programs to help with my child’s learning challenges, but they are not working because they do not address his or her unique needs.
  • We want the best for our child, but it is extremely expensive and time consuming to visit multiple tutors and learning specialists during the week.
  • My child is smart, but can’t focus long enough to complete tasks and I often have to tell him or her multiple times to complete a simple requests like putting away a book bag.
  • My child is very talkative and articulate, but he or she finds reading and reading comprehension extremely difficult.
  • My child’s learning challenges are more than just academic; he or she is having frequent emotional outbursts and struggles to make friends socially.

Brainjogging Can Help

    • What if you didn’t have to drive across town and could help them from the comfort of your own home?
    • What if you could find a program for your child that trained and conditioned learning skills, was quick, easy and fun, yet didn’t take up a lot of your time?
    • What if you could find a program that was customized to your child’s individual learning challenges and allowed them to enter personalized academic content they were learning at school?

Brainjogging was designed for children with learning differences to help promote their academic abilities and social skills. Click the green boxes below to learn more.